PM Imran Khan expressed grief over the death of overseas Pakistanis from COVID-19

Friday, April, 17 Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed grief over the death of countless overseas Pakistanis who have become a victim to the deadly coronavirus.

The novel coronavirus has claimed over 140,000 lives across the world. Dozens of overseas Pakistanis have lost the battle against novel coronavirus.

In a tweet today, PM Khan mourned over the death of Pakistanis living abroad, he said many have lost the battle against the deadly coronavirus while serving in the frontline of the global war against the COVID-19.

In a series of tweets, PM Khan prayed for early recoveries for those who are battling against the novel coronavirus.

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He said that you are all in our prayers and this nation will never forget its people who are the source of great pride and greatest asset for the country.

Overseas Pakistanis are the real asset who are playing a critical role in Pakistan’s development through remittances and charity work.

Two taxi drivers lost their lives battling novel coronavirus in South London that too in just within a week.

Earlier, a 33, years old Ayub Akhtar lost the battle against deadly coronavirus in South London Hospital.

According to the sources Ayub caught the deadly disease after a customer constantly coughed in his taxi.

Unfortunately, another taxi driver has lost his life to the novel coronavirus.

A 27-year-old, Zeeshan Ahmed,  the only son of his parents lost his life battling novel coronavirus in St George’s Hospital London.

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No protective measure for taxi drivers has been implemented in the UK till now.

Taxi drivers are still unaware of the safeguards they should take to avoid the spread of the virus.

Many of them are enforced to work as they don’t have sufficient money to sustain their families.

Those who are not a citizen of the UK can not access state funds or universal credit.

The only way to survive against this deadly coronavirus is to stay home and avoid going for work.




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