Why some patients recovered from coronavirus tests positive again?

In South Korea, some patients recovered from the coronavirus test positive again. The number of these cases is small by growing day by day, which is scary. Experts say that the main possibilities of coronavirus test positive again are could be reinfection, relapse or inconsistent test.

According to the Korea center of disease control and prevention (KCDC), 141 such cases are reported in Korea until this Thursday. Experts said that the reinfection case is the quite unlikely happening situation. The KPDC experts said it is most probably the case of reactivation of the virus in a patient body.

If we consider a patient’s body, it can be said that part of a virus goes week for some time with medication and treatment, but due to someone’s weak immune system it goes reactive again. This condition of a patient makes the coronavirus test positive again.

According to the doctors of China and the United States, the new coronavirus can damage the T lymphocytes of a body. These T lymphocytes also named as T cells play a central role in the immune system of our body. So, if we say reactivation of the coronavirus is possible then this may seem quite true. If this is going to happen then this is a huge concern. The coronavirus can easily damage our immune system and then the situation is going to be very critical to handle.

The other case is testing of coronavirus, this is most probably a chance that samples for the test were less than the requirement. If there is a chance of leaving some part of a sample for tests, then there are large chances of some part of the virus remains in a body. This part of coronavirus can remain active and there are the chances of coronavirus test positive again.

So, there are many possibilities of test positive again for the coronavirus, but till now no one is sure about the actual reason. We can hope that all the perceptions go wrong. Let’s pray that the pandemic ends soon and the world becomes a safer place again.