Pakistan Ranked 11th in Esports earning – India Nowhere in DOTA

Pakistan Ranked 11th in ESports

It’s the cricket craze season, isn’t it? With PSL5 at hand and t20 world cup upfront, everybody is busy watching cricket. Did you notice? Pakistan was ranked 11th in esports earnings worldwide. Where everyone is watching and playing cricket and football in Pakistan. Some stars are keeping the esports dream alive.

Pakistan is new to esports with very few platforms for e-gamers. Still, our young generation is not behind. They are playing the International tournaments and making us proud with distinguished positions.

As per a recent report, Pakistan was ranked 11th in the highest E-sport earnings, particularly for DOTA 2 game. I will share the references for stats at the end of this article.

Players like Sumail and Arslan associated with international organizations due to their skills and winning streaks. They are playing International Tournaments and are earning a huge amount of prize money.

Let’s have a look at some of the major esports players and their earnings in Pakistan

1- Sumail Hassan

Do you know Sumail Hassan? Well, let me tell you about him. How he achieved his goal of becoming the best e-gaming player in Pakistan. That too just at the age of 15. He earned the prize of $258,564.80 in his first major attempt. Though he started playing DOTA at the age of 8.

Now, the 20-year-old, Sumail Hassan from Pakistan played DOTA 2 (an Action Real-Time Strategy Game) and was awarded $3591,225.34 with an accuracy rate of 100.00%. That’s quite amazing, you’ll know if you have ever played the game.

About that 3.5 million dollar tournament: Sumail’s team was not playing well at the start of the tournament but Sumail is the one who helped his team to win the tournament and also broke several records

Evil Geniuses lifted the trophy in 2015 because of Sumail’s consistency, belief, confidence and determination his name was engraved on trophy forever.

Sumail proved that how chasing his passions and determination make him a millionaire at such a young age.

In 2010 Sumail played his 1st ever national tournament where he became the best player of Pakistan and later he was approached by North American’s number one ranking team, Evil Geniuses Where Sumail along with his team won the three-million-dollar event.

Now the talented midline has joined the most prestigious, famous and highest financially rewarding tournament named OG, which has won back to back TI Internationals.

The reason why I used the word inspiring journey for Sumail is that, at 15, he had conquered the dream of being one of the best.

He achieved a huge milestone without a personal computer to an International DOTA player with the highest-earning.

He is the reason, today, Pakistan was ranked 11th in esports earning, while our neighboring country, our arch-rival India was not even in the top 500 for the event.

We hope that Sumail’s story encourages more youngsters from Pakistan to make it to the international stage and make their nation proud.

2- Yawar Hassan:

Sumail’s brother is Pakistan’s second most awarded esports player with an earning of over $377,026.60. He is also DOTA 2 gamer and promising talent.

3- Arslan Ash:

I think you might have heard about him as he gained some fame recently. He won the EVO Japan 2019 and surprised the whole world. He was unbeaten throughout the tournament.

Where Pakistan is ranked 11th in esports earnings, we need to educate the people around so egaming could be recognized as a valuable sport. Most parents won’t allow their kids to spend time playing video games, however, how would Sumail’s parents be feeling knowing that their kid has earned them a fortune?

Let’s spread the word. Share this with as many people as you can. Together, we can do it.

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