Lawyers attack PIC Lahore: Latest updates – 6 dead so far

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Lawyers attack PIC is the latest crime committed by the protectors of the law. News reports suggest that at least 6 people are dead in the incident so far.

In an incident, this afternoon, a charged group of lawers attacked the PIC with sticks and stones. The doctors were beaten and were removed from the wards. Reports suggest that at least 15 doctors were injured during the impeachment incident.

The police came to rescue the doctors and the patients. However, the lawyers were not listening to them either. They burnt the police vehicles and re-entered the hospital to further carry on their charged protest.

The provincial information minister faiz ul hassan chohan came to the scene to help stop the siege. The minister was not able to talk the lawyers into stopping it and was also beaten by the mob.

This guy described what actually happened out there.

The police are still in the process of dispersing the lawyers and are using water cannons to do so. Reports suggest that tear gas was also used to disperse the crowd. Some doctors claim that there were not only the lawyers attacking PIC but a bunch of unknown criminals was also seen in black coats. They said that the lawyers could never beat female doctors and could never create a situation where patients had to face threat to their lives

The lawyers did not only beat the male doctors but also female doctors. They were found beating women in the presence of police that seemed helpless. A fair breach of hospital security was seen at the hospital today.

A huge number of tweets and statements have been issued by the responsible authorities against the incident, however, it is still to be found out if they are going to take any action against the lawyers.

It has been reported that Prime Minister Imran Khan took notice of the incident and have directed the authorities to conduct thorough investigation of the incident. The PM also ordered to make an example of the culprits according to the law.

In the latest update, additional IG Inam Ghani stated that the police have now vacated the hospital and have arrested the culprits. The IG did not disclose the number of arrests but has clearly stated that the culprits will be punished according to the law.

Why lawyers attacked PIC hospital Lahore?

Lawers were attacked and beaten by some doctors a few weeks ago. The doctors later apologized. A video of the doctors went viral later, in which they were making fun of these lawyers. The matter escalated again and this incident happened.

How many people died in the lawyers' attack on the Lahore PIC hospital?

At least 6 people were reported dead by 11-Dec-2019 and the list could grow with time.

Were the lawyers who attacked PIC arrested?

Yes, the police reached the scene immediately but took action after a few hours. The police waited for additional forces to start the action. Additional IG Punjab reported that multiple lawyers were arrested. Faizul Hasan Chohan said at least 10 lawyers were arrested during the operation.

Did the lawyers beat Faizal Hassan Chohan?

Yes, some of the lawyers also beat the information minister Faizul Hassan Chohan. The minister said that one of the lawyers also fired bullets at him. He added that the lawyer is a close friend of Hamza Shebaz’s.

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