Greenland with no active case of Coronavirus

Greenland is declared as the first country with no active case of the coronavirus. According to the National Medical Office in the Greenland corona test was conducted for about 844 peoples among them 11 were tested positive. After giving them medical treatment and leaving them in quarantine, again test was conducted. According to a recent report, their coronavirus test reports are now negative.

Greenland is the country of about 56,749 population and is ranked on the number of 209 in the list of countries in the world based on their population. but these 11 cases were from Nuuk, the most populated city of Greenland. So, if proper precautions were not taken at the right time it can make the situation in quite a danger.

After positive tests of the corona, virus patients were taken in quarantine, and the whole country is facing serious lockdown. Due to the right decisions at the right time, Greenland is now clear from the coronavirus. No active case does not mean that the whole country is safe now, they are still taking the precautions too seriously to avoid any positive case of coronavirus pandemic.

According to Medical experts of Greenland, if the number of positive cases of coronavirus was not handled properly then it will be very difficult to manage the consequences of COVID-19. As the medical system is not strong enough to manage the immense effects of coronavirus pandemic. So, after that severe concern by medical experts all the incoming or outgoing flight, and ships transportation was closed except the case of any emergency.

Even after the report of no active case of coronavirus in Greenland, still, the infected areas are sealed. In Nuuk, all life activities are closed and they are following self-isolation very seriously. Now Greenland is declared as no active case of coronavirus due to their serious implementation of steps required for social distancing.

We have to learn from Greenland and take the required steps to overcome the consequences of COVID-19. We have many examples who don’t take proper decisions at the right time and now facing immense loss due to COVID-19. Some early decisions and early precautions can save our lives from danger. We have the example of Italy, who didn’t take decisions on time and now their whole country is facing serious disaster spread by COVID-19. What if they take the coronavirus pandemic seriously and make proper decisions on time so that many lives can be saved.

The same goes for us, we have to take lockdown seriously and avoid the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. We have to make sure the implementation of social distancing and all other precautions to overcome COVID-19. Take your and other lives seriously and make it possible to clear all world from coronavirus pandemic.