INFINIX Starts Smartphone Manufacturing in Pakistan

Infinix starts smartphone manufacturing in Pakistan

Infinix starts smartphone manufacturing in Pakistan for the first time. Infinix Mobile was founded in 2013, seven years ago by Transsion Holdings. The company has headquarters in Hong Kong, China. Research and development centers of Infinix are stretching between France and Korea. Infinix smartphones are designed in France.

INFINIX as Smartphone Manufacturer in Pakistan

Korea, France, Bangladesh, Hong-Kong, China and India are the countries where Infinix products are manufactured. These smartphones are available in about 30 countries in the Middle East, Africa and also in Asia. Countries included are Morocco, Kenya, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Algeria, Pakistan, Egypt. Infix mobiles are available in all of Africa except Namibia, Eritrea and South Africa.

Back in 2017, Infinix rose to the third position after Samsung and Huawei in Egypt as it gained more market shares.

Infinix Mobile Nigeria back on 8 May 2018 signed an endorsement deal with David Adedeji Adeleke (Davido) and became the 2018 Nigerian Mobile Brand Ambassador.

Impacts of Infinix Starting Smartphone Manufacturing in Pakistan

Local Mobile manufacturing is the next big potential industry in Pakistan. Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) has already given licenses to 16 international Mobile Companies. An amount 0f $200.1 million has already been invested in this industry and now Infinix starts smartphone manufacturing in Pakistan.

Local mobile manufacturing will have a lot of benefits for the industry as well as the whole country. Local manufacturing will enable the Mobile phone industry to rely less on foreign countries to fulfill local needs.

Smartphone manufacturing will enable direct foreign investment and thus will save foreign exchange.

Local Mobile manufacturing will attract international companies to start their businesses in Pakistan and other industries like component manufacturers, accessories, packaging, circuit designers will also flourish.

Locally manufactured devices and products will ensure a decrease in grey channel imports. Industries’ establishment will create job opportunities and thus will contribute towards the socio-economic development of the country.

Transsion Techno Electronics Inaugurated its first mobile manufacturing company’s plant in Pakistan as a joint venture. The plant has a capacity of manufacturing 130,000 mobile phones per month. These firms starting smartphone manufacturing in Pakistan will create opportunities in multiple fronts.

Pakistan is a strategically important market because of its population and also due to the increasing appetite for smartphones and its young population. The smartphone industry of Pakistan has seen remarkable growth, 4G users are increasing at a rapid pace and thus the demand for user-friendly, value-added smartphones is in turn escalating.

Infinix Mobility Identified the markets need for user-friendly and more importantly pocket-friendly mobile phones. Infinix has established its reputation as a leading player in the smartphone market

Infinix company’s vision to provide high-end smartphones at affordable prices is done with a unique factory to consumer model and to do this Infinix has partnered with as its sole retail partner. Thus eliminating any need for distributors.

Infinix becomes the first company to start smartphone manufacturing in Pakistan

Until now only a few mobile phones were being assembled in Pakistan, including Xiaomi Mi Phones and Recently, Infinix has also started manufacturing smartphones in Pakistan and has become the first company to start manufacturing smartphones in Pakistan.


INFINIX Starts Smartphone Manufacturing in Pakistan

A press release issued by Infinix Pakistan stated that the company wants to contribute and help transform Pakistan into a regional tech hub by growing its investments. The company is fully aligning with the country’s initiative of ‘Made in Pakistan’. This is one step further towards putting Pakistan on the road of prosperity and progress. Thus achieving the company’s mission and commitment by becoming the first company to start smartphone manufacturing in Pakistan.

The company is fulfilling its aim of labor empowerment especially women empowerment. Chinese Consul General Li Bijian visited the manufacturing vicinity and applauded Infinix’s contribution to promoting local employment in the country.

Joe Hu CEO of Infinix Pakistan said “ Infinix’s vision as a company is to enrich our customers’ experiences, whether it is through our products, or what goes in their manufacturing. To be able to play a small part in the empowerment of the labor force in Pakistan, particularly women, is an important step further towards our mission.”

Infinix Mobile company is the largest smartphone production company in Pakistan so far. The new facility has the capacity of producing 3 million units per year. Infinix’s products range from Rs 11,000 to Rs 40,000. The Infinix smartphones have won over the hearts of people with its excellent specifications at affordable prices catering to a broad range of customers.



Infinix starts smartphone manufacturing in Pakistan. The company’s manufacturing facility site to be located in Pakistan will help the inaccessibility of the newest Infinix smartphones and also the unnecessary worry of coronavirus. Infinix has continued to grow the stronger market in Pakistan and is the reason behind its contribution to empowering the local labor, particularly women, as 60 percent of the workforce working in the Infinix Pakistan factory comprise of women.

Infinix has also introduced promotional prices while partnering with leading cricketers of the ongoing cricket tournament, Pakistan Super League.

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